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For me, the new features are enough to justify paying for the product again. Fortunately, you can have your cake and eat it too. If you favour writing on your iPad or iPhone and simply need occasional access to your journal on a Mac, this is ideal.

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Explore more about: Buying Tips , Writing Tips. Your email address will not be published. I would love to upgrade To Day One 2 and use the great new features.

Merging Day One accounts

I'm a 'fanatic' Day One Classic-user. Just the sync service makes me hesitate. Already using Dropbox and iCloud for several sync-functions I don't like to add another sync-option. And what would happen if this company stops alltogether?

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I have now almost entries and counting that I would not want to loose! The features are not worth the extra cost, and I do not want to switch from Dropbox synching to their servers.

Why not mention that sync isn't available at all outside of their servers. You write to be sure to "use Day One Sync" as if it's an option, when it's the only option. You are forced to create an account and use their servers to get the same kind of basic functionality that you had in the original DayOne app. It's one of the biggest complaints people have and yet this article doesn't even mention it.

Day One Sync FAQ | Day One Help

Never mind, in my rush I missed the mention in the "Change is in the Air" section while expecting it to be in the "Easy Syncing" section. Seems like something that should be reiterated in a section dedicated to talking about syncing options. Top Deals. Should You Upgrade to Day One 2?

To make matters worse, I had been making new journal entries from all of my various devices, including the out-of-sync computer.

Why did you create Day One Sync?

I digress; my war with iTunes will be the subject of another article. I eyeballed the changes and noticed that the entries across devices stopped matching up at the same time I purchased my Day One subscription. So I knew exactly what entries were missing from which device.

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The issue affected four different journals, out of my ten total, and the in-sync devices were missing anywhere from 1 to 25 entries per journal. I wanted to export select entries, namely the ones after July This is detailed here in the official Day One support article on exporting. I recommend you rename the file to something that associates it with the journal from which you did the export.

This is where it gets a little tricky. You might expect nothing to be different since all the data should match up. But in fact, you would now have duplicate journals with a duplicate set of entries in each. So software designed to serve as your personal diary on a laptop or cell phone ought to make it very difficult for someone to see your secret thoughts. Day One is a journaling app for users of Apple products that first launched in App Annie ranks it in the top ten for lifestyle and productivity apps in the iOS store, and it has thousands of positive customer ratings and reviews.

Today in a Medium post, it announced end-to-end, private key encryption for Day One Sync. Sync allows users to write entries on multiple devices. In April, we reached out to the company after a Reddit user posted he found his diary entries stored in plain text in files on his computer, even though he had password protected the app. The current software locks those entries up, locally. It still had a challenge in the cloud, however. Peterson wrote that at the time of our emails, the company was beta-testing user encryption.