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If you have a Mac, you're in luck. With the latest version of OS X Yosemite, Apple is including the new Photos app, which packs effective, comprehensive image-editing tools to help you enhance your shots. The free app is installed when you upgrade to OS X Photos is easy enough for beginners to learn but also offers more-advanced editors the ability to fine-tune details. You can make changes and undo them in Photos by pressing Command-Z until you settle on something you like.

Photo Editor for Mac | Fotor – Free Photo Editing Software

Also, the edits are "nondestructive," which means you can always revert to the original version of the photo. We'll help you learn some key maneuvers, such as how to crop, straighten, adjust exposure and use filters tastefully so you can make your pictures better with Photos for OS X. Photographers often talk about the rule of thirds: Place your picture's subject along the vertical and horizontal thirds of the frame for a more interesting and pleasing composition. If you weren't able to frame your shot perfectly, you can still adjust it by using the crop tool in Photos.

1. Set Up Folders

Open your image ; then click Edit on the top right of the program window. Drag the brackets at the corners of your image, and use the grid lines on the screen to help compose your picture. Turn the wheel on the right of the picture to tilt or rotate your shot.

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Again, use the grid lines on the screen to help make sure your picture is straight. When you're satisfied, hit the yellow Done button on the top right to save your changes.

Sometimes, a photo that you snapped in a hurry turns out darker or lighter than you expected. You can recover details by tweaking values in the Light section of Photos. Be warned, though, that this tool can't fix pics that have been burned out. If part of an image looks completely white and is close to a light source, it's probably overexposed beyond rescue.

Using a USB Cable

But you still may be able to save enough of the picture to make it worthwhile. Are they? Not at all.

Albums allow you to organize your photos and videos, while folders allow you to organize your albums. Folders can have folders within them, and can have nested albums too. But albums cannot have child elements. The folder structure comes in handy for managing collections of collections around a certain theme. Then it makes sense to bring all those albums under a single umbrella, which can be your Family Vacations folder.

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Photos knows this and eases the way for you by allowing you to tag people in photos. The app automatically scans faces that show up in your photos and collects them in the People section of the sidebar. Double-clicking on a face displays photos in which that face appears, across all albums. You can match names to faces by clicking on the Name option that appears when you hover over a face. Once you have tagged people this way, you can search for their photos by typing in their name in the search box.

All photos that have a location assigned to them show up on an interactive map in the Places section of the sidebar.

High Sierra: How to Edit Live Photos

Click on the thumbnail that appears for a particular location and you get a grid view of all the photos assigned to it. Not all photos pick up the location information automatically.

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  8. Click on the Assign a Location placeholder at the bottom of this window. Once you type in a location of your choice and hit Enter , a tiny interactive map with the correct pin shows up right there. Note that you can also add a title, keyword, and a description for the photo from this window. Hence, you might want to delete a few of the Apple-created memories and turn albums into memories yourself. Open any album and click on the Show as Memory link for it to have the album appear under Memories. If you want to view the album as a slideshow without turning it into a memory, click on the Slideshow link instead.

    You can also view a bunch of photos as a slideshow. To do so, click on the Play Slideshow option in the context menu for the group of selected photos. To play a selected memory, click on its Play button in the top toolbar and then on the Play Slideshow button in the menu that appears. Notice that you can also change the theme and background music for the memory from this menu. Backing up your photos to iCloud makes them accessible from any device with an internet connection.

    Ensuring that you have photo backups in multiple locations will help you recover from potential data mishaps without breaking a sweat. I have read that some Bluetooth head sets will release the shutter when paired with an iPhone and a volume control is pressed. The H call button did trigger Siri, so perhaps these devices have various and limited connectivity features when paired.

    If you get Method 3 to work with Bluetooth, it's great for including yourself in family photos because you can be up to 10 meters 33 feet away from the iPhone on its tripod and trip the shutter with something small and hidden in your hand. If one can use an Apple Bluetooth keyboard to trip the iPhone's shutter, there may be yet other accessories that work. If you find one, let us know in the comments below. Teaser camera lens via Shutterstock. Apple Releases iOS Apple Releases macOS Catalina